Casa Oaxaca

Stay in …

Casa Oaxaca, a sprawling, traditional building still alive with stories and secrets, located in the heart of Oaxaca, land of color and song.

Its colonial geometry orders the spaces around a patio surrounded by large, ceramic pots from the Oaxacan valley whose vibrant vegetation plays with the corridors’ chiaroscuro.

Stay in…at Casa Oaxaca. Enjoy our legendary hospitality.

Eat in

This is a haven for extraordinary flavors. Choose from an ample variety of dishes prepared fresh for you on the spot, conserving the rich, delicate aroma of high-quality, local products, most of them native or organic. Oaxacan cuisine has a homemade, natural sense to it, with sophisticated accents. Its culinary tradition is brought to life everyday in Casa Oaxaca, making it a memory you can treasure when you leave.

*The restaurant is open to the public, although reservations are needed

Dream away

Seven sanctums in which to dream. Seven chambers of limestone-coated walls, profound light, exquisite interior design; each one embellished with contemporary art work. Every room houses an exclusive collection of Oaxaca´s finest handcrafts.

Body & soul

Make your room a place for deep relaxation: enjoy a massage or take a yoga class.

Discover secret places

Steal the secrets hiding in every corner.

the patio

Join with the pomegranate and sapote trees ringing the fountain. Admire this land’s diverse, native plants.

the library

Immerse yourself in the silent, eloquent company of books.

the terrace

Fragments of domes, bells and singing filter toward you as you relax beneath Oaxaca´s intense sky.

the kitchen

Flavors and smells rise up among the clinking of spoons and pots, a concert that fills every corner of the house.

the pool

Bathe in a pool — of gold and silver.

Celebrate inside

Inside Casa Oaxaca you can reunite the voices, singing and laughter of those who rejoice when you initiate a new chapter of your life.

Celebrate, fete, toast—in an intimate environment.