What is the currency used in Mexico and what rate is it?

The national currency – Mexican peso, the notation is identical to the U.S. dollar, but with one line $. Also, the letters MN. U.S. dollars are accepted at any store, at the rate of exchange set. The exchange rate for January 2010: 1 usd = 13 pesos

Can I use credit cards in Mexico?

In fact, credit cards Visa and Master Card are accepted everywhere. American Express is less often used.

Is it safe to use a taxi in Mexico?

In Mexico City, we recommend to take only taxis from the hotel or taxi de sitio. In Cancun, there is no problem taking a taxi on the street. We recommend you pre-negotiate the amount payable. Taksimetrami used rarely.

Can I drink water from the tap?

In Mexico, do not drink tap water, but it is suitable for bathing and brushing. Drinking water is bought in stores. From it also prepares the ice, which adds to your drinks.

What is the voltage in Mexico?

Dressed up in Mexico, as in America – 110 volts. Not all the hotels and shops have adapters. Recommend to bring one with you.

How does mobile communications work in Mexico?

Mobile phones – the majority of imported mobile phones automatically connect to the network TELCEL – Mexican network of mobile phones. If you prefer to have a local number, then contact our representative to purchase local SIM cards.

Calls – minute call from the hotel with another country is between 6 and higher U.S. dollars. By LADATEL card from the phone booth minute is much cheaper.

What should a tourist known at their arrival to the hotel?

When you check in as a guarantee of personal expenses, you will be given the choice of one of two options:

  • Cash – If you have not spent the cash left, you can exchange it at the hotel, but in local currency at the exchange rate of the day
  • A copy of your credit card – Unlock the sum which defines the hotel, going through 1 – 3 days after discharge from the hotel
  • Check in – at 15:00 hours, Check out at 12:00 am
  • If you want to leave from the hotel after 12:00, please contact the same morning the hotel reception or your representative. Usually hotel requires additional charge for this service
  • When leaving the hotel, be sure to get the final bill.
  • Your doctor – if you need a doctor, contact the hotel reception. Payment for his services will be charged to you on the spot, but you should get a receipt for his services to transmit it to your insurance agent when you return.

General information about Cancun

  • The city is divided into two areas: the hotel area (zona hotelera) and the city center (downtown). In the hotel zone there are busses and taxis. Taxis in the hotel zone are from 40 pesos.In downtown – it is usually less than 20 pesos at any distance.
  • In the hotel zone shopping centers are open every day from 10 am to 10 pm, such as Plaza Kukulcan, Plaza Caracol, La Isla.
  • Time Share – Be careful: in the streets and shopping centers there are many agents who offer cheap tours, low prices for rental cars and other services. It’s a trap to try selling Time Share (hotel packages).
  • Shopping – Walmart – a large shopping center in the city center. Fruits, tequila, etc. Plaza Kukulcan, Plaza La Fiesta – in the hotel zone – a large selection of souvenirs.
  • Beaches – All beaches are public. Hotels are not responsible for accidents on the beach. Do not leave valuables unattended on the beach area.
  • Bathing – watch the color of flags. Black or red – dangerous to swim.
  • Protective creams – Be sure to use protective creams. The sun here is extremely treacherous. We recommend you to buy Environmental cream (bioagradable), which should be used in ecological parks like Xcaret & Xel-Ha.