Gala Dinners and Theme Parties

Gala Dinner is one of the formats of the holidays, which is closely associated with the conferences, with various major events, seminars and forums.

We are committed to:

  • Identify themes holiday
  • Offer a variety of platforms (15 – 450 people or more), or visiting the restaurant and catering.
  • Recommend to the correct technical equipment (sound, stage lighting, MC, DJ), depending on the place conduct.

With us you will always be sure of your brilliant success gala parties and corporate dinners, for which we can count on:

  • Menu customized
  • Preparation and decoration of tables
  • Animation

Theme parties those are corporate welcome dinners, Gala dinners, and working events like the conferences, workshops, seminars as well.

The most popular in theme here in Mexico: stylized Mayan empire, pirate party, beach party.

The events with show Maya, charros, maryachis, eskaramuzas (women in national costumes, performing stunts on horseback)-this can be seen only in Mexico, and we will offer either option on site or on the road.

For each event – your offer!