Mexico City #3

Mexico City – the city, challenging the right of the title of world’s largest, attracted by its ancient history, colonial architecture and unforgettable flavor.

In 1325 there was started the construction of the great capital of the Aztec empire – Tenochtitlan. Today is a historic city center, where you will see the ruins of the ancient Aztec pyramids and visit the main square Zocalo, where the buildings of the colonial era – silent witnesses of the history of Mexico, one of which is the National Palace – the former residence of the Cortes, viceroy of New Spain and the presidents of Mexico. Here you will see a gallery of famous frescoes muralist of the 20th century, Diego Rivera, telling us about the history of the country, starting with pre-Columbian civilizations.

As part of the city tour you will visit the main temple of the country – the Central Cathedral, the most magnificent cathedral in Latin America, whose construction was started in 1563. You will also pass on the most beautiful avenue of the city – Paseo de la Reforma, modeled on the Paris Champs-Elysees by Maximiliano Hapsburg – emperor of Mexico during the French intervention in 1864. You will see historical monuments, the most important of which –is The Monument of Independence of Mexico from the Spanish colonization. This 50m column, crowned with “angel” of independence, became a business card of the city.

Teotihuacan – “City of the Gods®”, without a doubt considered as one of the largest cities of ancient Mexico, and was economic, political and religious capital of the entire Mesoamerican during 8 centuries, affecting the rest of the Indian culture. This archaeological place is included in the UNESCO list. The first settlement at Teotihuacan refers to 150 BC City finished its existence in about 750 – 800 years BC. In its heyday (400 AD) the city reaches 40 square km with a population of more than 200 thousand people.

The most magnificent buildings in Teotihuacan are: the Pyramid of the Sun (height 66 m) and the Pyramid of the Moon (43 m). Road of the dead – is the main avenue, the axis of the city from North to South.
Quetzalcoatl Palace, Palace of Jaguars, Quetzalcoatl Temple, stronghold, frescoes and many other facilities will tell you about the beauty and grandeur of this city, which is a unique astronomical and mathematical knowledge of ancient scholars and builders.

The Museo Dolores Olmedo (or the Dolores Olmedo Museum) is an art museum in the capital of Mexico, based on the collection of Mexican businesswoman Dolores Olmedo.

In 1962 Dolores Olmedo acquired a property at La Noria, Xochimilco in southern Mexico City, which she would later convert into the museum named after her in 1994. Donating her entire collection of art including pre-Hispanic, colonial, folk, modern and contemporary art, the Dolores Olmedo Patiño Museum host the greatest collection of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Angelina Beloff. Upon her death in 2002, she left funds for taking care of her museum, now open to the public.

The five-building complex contains up to 150 paintings, including 145 by Diego Rivera, 25 by his wife Frida Kahlo (and some of their scripts and drawings), nearly 6,000 pre-Hispanic figurines and sculptures as well diverse living animals such as geese, ducks, six Xoloitzcuintles and Indian Peafowls kept in the gardens of the museum.

Museum of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo – very famous Mexican artist, a woman of outstanding ability and contradictory life. Pictures of Frida, the concentration of her own pain and tragedy, are the world’s heritage of fine arts.
House – museum is the cultural center of its time that was visited by many creative people. The fate of Frida, her marriage to Diego Rivera, personal items and collections: the whole exposition of the museum breathes the presence of this brilliant artist who was born and died in this house.

This package of services in Mexico include:

  • 3 nights in Mexico City, the hotel 3 *, 4 * or 5 * star hotel (your choice)
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to / from the airport round-trip
  • City tour of Mexico City South of the City + Museum of Dolores Olmeda + Frida Kahlo

*** In an individual or group form, any day of the week, on Mondays museums are closed

  • Day 1 Arrive in Mexico City, transfer to hotel
  • Day 2 City tour + Pyramids
  • Day 3 South of the City + Museum of Dolores Olmeda + Frida Kahlo
  • Day 4 Transfer to the airport