нуэво ваярта

Nuevo Vallarta is a modern resort created in a project to increase the city of Puerto Vallarta to the north.
This is a tourist area with high end hotels, villas and luxury houses, located along the lagoon which is stretched over 6 km. White sand beaches, developed infrastructure and abundant wildlife, Nuevo Vallarta makes the area attractive for any tourist. The most popular activity in the area is visiting the turtle reserve, located 110 km from Nuevo Vallarta. At the reserve marine turtles known as Tortugas Golfinas lay their eggs.
Tour is given by a biologist or ecologist who first instructs the visitors on how not to harm turtles. During the tour, you can take part in the rescue of small turtles and receive a certificate for this. Usually a trip to the turtle farm is combined with a visit to the lagoon of El Quelele, a home to endangered species of crocodiles – American crocodile.
Another popular place in Nuevo Vallarta is waterpark called Splash. Splash has a water ride which goes up to 20 meters high. Visitors enjoy a show with dolphins and sea lions. The park has a team of animation, offering entertainment for both children and adults. Nuevo Vallarta is home to two well-equipped ports for private yachts known as Marina Norte and Marina Paradise.

We suggest to pack light items for this tropical destination. Essentials should include sandals, umbrella and a good sunscreen.