Xaloc Resort Holbox

Xaloc Resort is a little eco-touristic hotel situated at one of the amazing white sand beaches, on the heavenly island of Holbox.

Juan Félix Sánchez came from Mallorca to Mexico 8 years ago, in the hope to find the ideal place to build his home. However he found something more than a beautiful place… he found Holbox. An island where it is easy to forget civilization with its noisy traffic, pollution, stress, rush people are daily confronted…and most importantly you are able to forget about time. Looking to share this fascinating hidden place of Mexico with others, he didn´t only design his home, but he built up Xaloc, a little hotel where everybody is invited who wishes to rest of the city and enjoy only the noises of the island… and nature.

Xaloc is not only a beautiful hotel, it is more than that. Xaloc is a unique place where each one of its corners is special and each one of its details is fascinating. Every bungalow indicates the love, care and dedication they have been built with, to host everybody as he deserves.

In Xaloc you will find different atmospheres to enjoy the magic and the privacy the place has to offer, like: two swimming pools, one reading room, a little boutique to admire the island´s art craft, spa, a spectacular terrace where you will be able to enjoy beautiful sunny days, enjoy the breeze of the ocean and admire the stars at night and “Maja`che” a restaurant where every meal is a specialty.

The Rooms

Eighteen amazing bungalows, seven beautiful rooms and two spacious suites make Xaloc a dream, in which everyone would like to stay longer than one night. Each one of its spaces has been constructed taking care of every single detail keeping the rustic style of the region and combined with a warm and cozy design. Its details assure comfort and pleasure.

Superior Rooms

Our nine superior rooms have their own magic. Their decoration is a mix of rustic, good taste and delicateness of nature. They are located in the second part of the hotel, in a private and reserved zone behind the bungalows.

The upper level counts with seven rooms: three of them dispose of one king size bed and four dispose of two double beds. In the ground floor are two rooms located, furnished with a king size bed in each one of them. All of them are equipped with air conditioning and a terrace with a sweet little table and comfortable bright sun-lounger.

They are exclusive, reserved and private. In the higher level share all superior rooms a solarium for your wellness and relaxation. Bookable for adults only.


The Suite Xaloc and Suite Holbox are two amazing suites of two rooms. One main sleeping room furnished with a king size bed and the other one has a beautiful living room with two sofas that can be modified to individual beds. They are perfect for 1 person or up to 4 persons.


The bungalows are a masterpiece, constructed in a circular shape, with high roofs made of palm leaves. Every single one has been built up by putting special attention in every detail. They are rustic, comfortable, pleasant and every detail make them simply marvelous.

All bungalows have its own wooden terrace where it is possible to enjoy a Siesta or just read a book chilling in traditional yucatecan hammocks. In their interior has every single one a king size bed or two double beds that are covered by a big mosquito net in form of a four-poster bed, fan and a spacious bath with two sinks, shower and wc.

Ocean Bungalows

There are four wonderful bungalows from where it is easy to admire the beauty of the ocean. Each one has its king size bed and different special amenities, like coffee machine and hair dryer. Additionally you will find on the terrace a typical hammock and comfortable sofa. All four bungalows are situated only a few steps from the ocean. These bungalows are a delight, ideal for all those who are searching for calmness and maybe the perfect place to enjoy with a special person. Not bookable with children under 12 years.

Garden Bungalows

Five beautiful bungalows situated in the middle of a typical tropic garden. Three of them are equipped with one king size bed and two of them with two double beds. Special amenities in each one of these bungalows assure a pleasant stay, like coffee machine and hair dryer. On the terrace you will find a typical hammock and a comfortable sofa. All of them are very near to the ocean and some bungalows have partial ocean view from their terrace. Those who are longing for calmness and peace will love our garden bungalows. Not bookable with children under 12 years.

Pool Bungalows

These marvelous bungalows are perfect for couples as well as for families with children. Five of these beautiful bungalows are located around the pool and two are situated a few steps away. Four bungalows dispose of one king size bed and five bungalows have two double beds. Each one has two hammocks on its terrace. You will be easily impressed and charmed of the bungalows design.