икстапа сиуатанехо

Ixtapa is located next to the old town Zihuatanejo. Until 1970, it was a simple fishing village, but with the introduction of the resort industry, it began to grow and develop. City is known for simplicity, romance and sophistication. The narrow streets are full of restaurants, bars, shops and craft villages. Beautiful bay with calm waters and white sand beaches, palm trees growing on the shore, the fish market on the boulevard Pescador (Paseo del Pescador) make Zihuatanejo a very popular destination among tourists. There are variety of accommodations to pick from including small hotels, expensive boutique hotels, and private bungalows. Cruise ships coming from the United States traditionally stop at the city’s port.

Before Columbus arrived to Zihuatanejo, Indians occupied this place which used to be called Cihuatlán, which means “a place of women”. That name refers to the western paradise of the Nahuatl universe, the home of the “goddess women.” Archaeological Museum of the Costa Grande (Museo Arqueologico Costa Grande) is a great place to visit and get acquainted with the rich history of the city and culture of Guerrero coast. There you can find decorations, ceramic figurines, objects made of obsidian. Exhibits show strong influence of the Olmec, Mexica and Teotihuacan cultures.

Unlike Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo beaches are calm and peaceful, without strong waves. Central Beach is called Madeira (Playa Madera). This place is not too popular for swimming but is mainly known as a romantic zone. Couples and love birds prefer to walk on the boulevard that is stretched along the beach.

If you would to visit La Ropa beach then all you have to do is climb up the hill from Madera to Esencia street, then within 10-15 minutes you will reach your destination. La Ropa beach is translated as “clothing” and is derived from the events that took place in the XVI century, when the Spanish galleon stranded and all its cargo was washed ashore. That cargo contained lots of silk. La Ropa beach is considered as one of the most beautiful in the city because of the scenic views of the water.

Our company provides a wide variety of excursions for those who spend their holidays in Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo. Variety of activities include horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, diving, deep sea fishing and much more.

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