Large Copper Canyon

7 days / 6 nights


Day 1.

Arrival to the International Airport of the city of Chihuahua. Transfer to hotel.

In the afternoon, you have included a tour of the city of Chihuahua, and at night we recommend to have dinner at one of the local restaurants where you can enjoy the meat that has made Chihuahua famous, as well as “chile con queso”, the diversity of cheeses and the traditional drink, “el Sotol”.

Day 2.

05:30 hrs. Meeting in the hotel to be translate to the station of the worldly famous train CHEPE. At 6:00 hrs it will be board, headed towards our next stop, Creel.

11:15 hrs. Arrival to the Creel station, where your transport will be waiting to take you to your hotel. In the afternoon we recommend to all the lovers of Ecotouristic experiences, to visit to the Cusarare Waterfalls (not included), which includes a 30min walk through a beautiful valley.

Day 3.


In the morning you have included a tour in the Arareko Lake and the Monks and Frogs Valleys. Also, you will have the opportunity to visit the Jesuit mision of the region.

11:00 hrs. Meeting in the hotel to be translated to the train station to continue the adventure in the next stop, Posada.

13:00 hrs. Arrival to the Posada station and tranfer to your hotel.

Lunch. In the afternoon you have included a tour in the Teleferic area (Entrance not included). We recommend to walk on the edge of the Barranca until you arrive to the area of Piedra Volada, where you can enjoy the best views of the area.

Day 4.


In the morning you can enjoy the hotel facilities with a drink on the terrace and be amazed by the natural beauty around you

12:45 hrs. Meeting in the hotel to be translated to the train station and continue your trip to the Bahuichivo train station.

14:20 hrs. Arrival to Bahuichivo train station. Transfer to Cerocahui, a half an hour visit.

15:00 hrs. Arrival to the hotel. In the afternoon we recommend to walk through the vineyards of the hotel and to enjoy the best wines of the region, as well as visiting the Jesuit mission in the region.


Day 5.

Breakfast. In the morning you have included a tour in the Gallego’s Hill, where you will be able to admire the beautiful and majestous Urique Canyon (Barranca de Urique),which bares its beauty to horsemen venturing into the rugged Tarahumara Range. From this mightly gorge and its neighboring canyons huge amounts of copper and other minerals were mined in the 17th century. More than a 1,5 km. below this temperate, cactus-studded height, the Urique Canyon winds through tropic lowlands where orchids, oranges, mangoes, and avoacdos thrive. Parrots, pumas, and jaguars inhabit the slopes. Here, too, live some 50, 000 Tarahumara Indians, among the most primitive people in North America.


13:40 hrs. Tranfer to train station to continue your adventure towards El Fuerte, Sinaloa

18:15 hrs. Arrival to the train station of El Fuerte, Sinaloa. Tranfer to hotel

In the afternoon, we recommend to take a walk in the cobbled streets of the town and to visit the Museum of el Fuerte. At night we suggest to enjoy dinner at your hotel.

Day 6.

In the morning, we recommend to visit the river of el Fuerte, where while walking through it you will be in direct contact with the diverse wildlife of the region, especially the great diversity of birds. The river is peaceful and recommended for the whole family.

18 hrs. Transfer to the train station to continue to the city of Los Mochis.

21 hrs. Arrival and transfer to hotel.

Day 7.

In the morning we recommend to make a trip on a yacht along the Topolobampo bay, where you will be able to see dolphins, sea lions and a diversity of birds. In the afternoon, transfer to the airport of the city Los Mochis.


  • Tranfer Ariport-hotel-Airport
  • Transfer Hotel-Train Station-Hotel
  • One night in Chihuahua
  • Tour in the city of Chihuahua
  • One night in Creel
  • Breakfast and tour to the Arareko lake
  • One night in Barrancas
  • Three meals
  • One night in Cerocahui
  • Tour and three meals
  • One night in El Fuerte, Sinaloa
  • One night in Los Mochis, Sinaloa
  • First class train tickets
  • Taxes included in price