Mexican Cuisine Master Class

For those who are fond of culinary arts!
From “Arminas Travel”
Mexican cuisine – is a real art:
Richness of flavors, bright colors, a combination of cultures, social, and some times even religious!

Try to know Mexico and its traditional taste! The master class includes lessons of traditional Mexican cooking snacks, as well main dishes. You will learn that the birthplace of chili is Mexico. You will take part the degustation program of tequila and mescal. You will get the basic knowledge of the preparation of different kinds of cocktails.

  • Individual and group classes, with program for about 4 hours.
  • Premium Mexican cuisine and the Deluxe GOURMET!!!
  • Try to feel the bounty of nature, life plunged into a vivid culture of this country!

Rather interesting, that the Mexican cuisine, routed en ancient times of Aztec’s and Mayans, during the international conference of UN in Kenia on 2010 of November was included in the List of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO!

Menu for master classes:

  • Tropical salad Jicama (Mexican turnips), stuffed shrimps, served with thinly sliced vegetables, tamarind sauce.
  • Mexican Lasagna by (thing layers of dough, sautéed ground beef, sliced poblano chilies, flowers, pamkins, green souse, cream and cheese).
  • Banana ice cream with mint with rum.

  • Ceviche (fish) with mango, avocado, sweet potatoes, served with finely chopped peppers chipotle.
  • Chili, stuffed with shrimp and cheese, sauce from red tomatoes with basil and thyme, served with Mexican rice.
  • Pancakes from a banana and coconut, served with honey and pistachios.

  • Tortilla soup with slices de tortilla, with pepper chipotle, avocado, cream and lemon.
  • Banana leaves are stuffed fish (Tamal), steamed and served with green rice and with slices from chili poblano.
  • Dessert from sweet potatoes, beets and pineapple, sprinkled in from almonds, served with brown sugar and balsamic sauce.

  • Acute cold soup with shrimps (aguachile) with green sauce.
  • Roast beef badly – drunk sauce (tomatoes, onion, chili peppers) chili with slices of chili poblano, beans and guacamole sauce.
  • Profiteroles with vanilla cream sauce and guava.

Menu for master – classes Premium & Gourmet:

  • ceviche of scallops carrot, avocado, mango, sweet potato sauce and chili chipotle
  • empanadas (pies) with avocado sauce
  • crab stuffed a la mexicano
  • tropical fruit tartare with mint ice cream

  • green salad with asparagus, avocado, spinach, mango and shrimp flambéed in tequila for mint sauce
  • prime rib-eye with a duet of two sauces (red & green) in combination with guacamole & slices of poblano chili
  • testing of traditional Mexican cheeses
  • mango mousse