Tequila Express

6 días / 5 noches

Day 1: Arrival to Mexico

Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Mexico City Tour – National Museum of Anthropology – Teotihuacan (10 hours)

Impressive megapolis with its anthropological symbiosis: Indians, Mestizos, Creoles and Europeans. Cultural and archeological center of the most interesting country of the American continent. The city of mixed emotions, splendid colors and of spicy tastes. You will see: “Zocalo”, the main square of the country, the ruins of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, the National Palace. See the murals of Mexico’s greatest artist, Diego Rivera. These colorful murals cover Mexico’s pre-Columbian Indian history, the colonial period and the Revolution.

Visit Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec Park. See archaeological treasures of pre-Hispanic civilizations, including the Toltec, Mexica, Aztec, Zapotec, Mixtec, Olmec and Mayan. See the immense Aztec Calendar Stone.

Then visit Mexico’s grandest archaeological site, ancient Teotihuacan (80km away from the Mexico City), built by the Nahua. The sixth largest city in the world in 400 A.D., Teotihuacán was mysteriously abandoned 300 years later, centuries before the Aztec occupation. Visit the Jaguar Palace and the Temple of the Plumed Conch Shells. See the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Walk the Avenue of the Dead, flanked by temples and palaces. Return to the hotel.

Day 3: Mexico – 302 km – Morelia

By the picturesque road through the pine-tree woods and lakes, passing the numerous villages and towns you arrive to one of the most beautiful colonial cities of Mexico. Morelia City Tour.

Day 4: Morelia – 20 km – Patzcuaro – Isla Janitzio – 270 km – Guadalajara

Arrival to the harbor town of Patzcuaro. You will be able to get up to the very peak of the island and to taste the famous “white fish”; this fish is being cooked only here. You will observe the local fishermen with their strange round nets which became a symbol of Mexico. Arrival to the colorful Indian city of Patzcuaro. Check-in to the hotel.

Day 5: Guadalajara – Tequila Express – Guadalajara

Guadalajara city tour.

  • Video presentation: Discover why Jose Cuervo is a proud Mexican example of success for entrepreneurs throughout the world. Learn the history of the tequila from the heart of the agave.
  • Allow your guide to take you from the beginning to the end of old-fashioned tequila making process in the largest and most beautiful distillery in Mexico.
  • Visiting to our Aging Room where Tequila earns its flavor, color and aroma according to the time it rests in our carefully selected wooden barrels.
  • Visiting to the old tequila distillery that still holds its original place in Mundo Cuervo.
  • Renowned artists exhibit their work in Mundo Cuervo.
  • Gifts and remembrances from La Tienda de José Cuervo.
  • Enjoy a perfectly prepared Margarita Coctel.

Day 6: Guadalajara – 334 km – Puerto Vallarta

Arrival to Puerto Vallarta. Leisure.