JetSurf is a High Tech motorized surfboard designed and manufactured by MotoGP and Formula1 engineers. It’s a monocoque hull made 100% from the highest quality Carbon Fibre.

The power boards created by JetSurf are the only motorized water vehicles with the ability to be transported via person, car, boat, and plane (as personal luggage on international/domestic carrier flights). This allows all users of JetSurf power boards to travel easily around the world — a unique attribute in comparison to other motorized vehicles. JetSurf parts and components are manufactured by the Czech company, MSR Engines, which specializes in the development of combustion engines and special electronics. Some of MSR Engines’ clients include: BMW, Skoda, KTM and Honeywell.

JetSurf power boards are produced in one factory using the highest standards of production technology, utilizing the best materials and components currently produced in European Union. This comprehensive in-house production allows us to guarantee our customers maximum precision and efficient service.